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What is Pranisheba?

adorsho praniSheba is a digital platform for rural areas uses IoT (Internet of Things), RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) Technology, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Face Recognition through Machine Learning. Record preservation, genetic development, data preservation, breeding, milking and first-aid services are provided. Cattle insurance is an important part of us to keep the cattle farms risk free. Above all, our platform seeks to implement the government's mission and vision for rural socio-economic development through the uses of information technology in cattle expansion activities.
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How does praniSheba work?

1. Cattle Registration
2. Bolus Installation / Facial Recognition System
3. Transfer data from Bolus to Repeater
4. Transfer data from Repeater to Base Stations
5. Transfer data from Base Station to praniSheba cloud sever
6. Display the information through the praniSheba app.
Before the registration of cattle, every information of cattle and farms is stored in the praniSheba System. Bolus IDs are registered in the register book and used to identify cattle.



Preserving digital records Heat detaction and instruction for the insemination in time
Identifying the calving time and resolve the Inbreeding problem
Cattle identification and Cattle insurance
Providing advance notification of the disease To prevent the disease by identifying at the primary stage
All-time temperature monitoring Early detection of the disease
Sending message of the heat Determining the hit of cattle and reducing the number of
repeated calls for seed filling at the right time
Insemination in proper time Identifing the probable time of calving
Providing advance message before delivery Ensuring readiness and carefulness before calving
Constant observation of cattle movements Observing the constant well-being of cattle
SMS alert system Round-the-clock monitoring
Cattle insurance for death, theft and disabilities Mitigating risks of cattle farming
Observing the balance of water intake Relieving heat stress
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Cattle insurance

adorsho praniSheba has partnered with Phoenix Insurance Comapny Limited to ensure the value protection, loan and insurance benefits of cattle through the first and only IoT-based cattle monitoring platform in Bangladesh. Cattle insurance protects farms from financial loss due to unexpected death or theft of their cattle. With the insurance of cattle, the farmers will get comprehensive protection against the loss of cattle. In case of death and theft, the farmer will get 90% compensation for the value of the cattle within 15 days of submission of claim.

Features of the app

The adorsho praniSheba app enables you to keep an eye on your cattle, even when you are off the farm. You will be kept up to date with automatic notifications and you will be able to take appropriate action whenever an automatic notification of a cattle arrives.

Download the praniSheba app for free from the Google Play Store, the link is given below.

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Cattle Registration

This is the first step where you can register your cattle in the app.
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Insemination information

You can keep a pregnancy record through this section.
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Find out

Here you can search for information about cattle by bolus number or picture.
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Milk production

Here you will find all the information related to milk production and calves.
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Income and expenses

Here you can keep track of your farm's income and expenses.
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Detailed report

Here you will find detailed reports of each section related to your cattle.


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Comparison of adorsho praniSheba packages

Description of service

Smart Package

Easy Package

Number of Cattle (Minimum) 20 Any
Cattle identification

Cattle Record Keeping

SMS Alert for Vaccination/Deworming

Insurance services

24/7 Monitoring of Body Temperature

Early Alert on Illness

Heat Detection and Calving Information

One time fee(Taka) 1,500/cow 500/cow
Preserving cattle registry on digital platforms 600/cow/month 100/cow/month
Annual insurance charge for the value of cattle Free up to 1 lakh taka

Death & Permanent disability 3% 3%
Theft 2.25%


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“BASIS ICT Champion Award-2019”,
Industrial-Agriculture Category, Dhaka, Bangladesh
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"APICTA Champion Award-2019",
Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Respected Customers

We thank all our customers for their appreciation!
They are really satisfied!
সত্যি বলতে কি আদর্শ প্রাণিসেবার বোলাসের মাধ্যমে হিট নির্ণয় এখন অনেক সহজ​। আমি অনেক গাভির হিটে আসা এখন সঠিক সম​য়ে বুঝতে পারছি, বিশেষ করে যে গাভী গুলো হিটে আসলে নিরব থাকে
খামার এখন আমার পকেটেই, আমার গরুর সকল তথ্য অমি এখন আমার মোবাইলেই দেখতে পাই। থাই পরিবার কেউ এখন বেশি সময় দিতে পারি
ইজি প্যাকেজের মাধ্যমে আমি অমার গরুকে সহজে দেখভাল করতে পারছি, যা আমাকে অনেকটাই নিশ্চিন্ত করেছে, ধন্যবাদ আদর্শ প্রাণিসেবা
আদর্শ প্রাণিসেবার বোলাসের মাধ্যমে গরুর রোগবালাই হবার অগেই বুঝতে পারি, তাই অমার গরুর জান ও বাঁচে, আমিও ক্ষতি থেকে বাঁচতে পারি
বাছুর হবার আগেই মোবাইলে এস.এম.এস পাই যা আমাকে সকল প্রস্তুতি নিতে সাহায্য করে। আর্থিক ক্ষতি কম হ​য় তাই লাভও ভালো পাই
খামারে প্রতি মাসে কত টাকা আয় ও ব্যায় করি তা কয়েকটি ক্লিকের মাধ্যমে জানতে পারি


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Indirectly, yes. With this service you will be able to manage your farm more efficiently than before, which will indirectly increase your milk and meat production.



Indirectly, yes. With this service you will get advance warning of any impending disease, through which you can significantly reduce the rate of disease. Again by following the immunization calendar attached to the service you can ensure the safety of your cattle for longer than at any time in the past.
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